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Post by jessesoliman » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:33 pm

This is the question that is asking about the definition of reify.

The dictionary definition of reify is: to make more abstract. However I understand this is a question that is asking to put a word into context in the passage, but even then isn't the assumption from context that a model is only good for journals, but falls apart so to speak in real life. Your guys answer makes the sentence read, "...framework cannot help but 'expand into the real world' beyond the classroom...". This would imply that the established framework could actually be expanded into the real world which is the opposite of what the surrounding context is saying. This makes the best answer A which is stating that there is an abstract component of the real world which the framework fails to consider.
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Post by NS_Tutor_Mathias » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:14 am

I think the big hiccup here is that 'reify' actually means to make more concrete. You may have skipped around a bit when reading that dictionary definition. Happens to me all the time too!

That is saying, the assumptions that we make in the classroom are abstract, but the decisions we make and the world we build based on those assumptions are concrete. The author is arguing that our overly simplistic models shape real-world decision making, and in turn create a real world that is dangerously flawed.
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