NS FL2 B/B Q56

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NS FL2 B/B Q56

Post by reyrey007 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:22 pm

It says that we can get the molecule in by switching the alcohols with acetyl group but won't it change the very nature of the molecule? How do we know that the switch won't diminish Morphine's pain killing attributes just as much as lysing it would?
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Re: NS FL2 B/B Q56

Post by NS_Tutor_Will » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:44 am

Thanks for the question!

I think this is really a matter of degree. If we lyse the molecule, then it will certainly not work as intended. If we change out certain parts of the molecule then, yes, it of course might alter the function of that molecule, but is also might not! Likewise, if we remove all the double bonds, that's a much greater disruption to the overall structure than swapping acetyl groups in for the alcohols.

Also, we need to make sure we're focused on what a given question is actually testing. It's not reasonable to think that the MCAT would ask us about super detailed neuropharmacology concepts, but, in this case, they're really just asking us about membrane transport. So we should think more about how can we get this thing across a membrane without completely destroying its structure (since it's fair to assume, for the MCAT, that small disruptions in structure might not totally disrupt a molecule's function — unless told/shown otherwise).

This is definitely a tough one, but I hope this explanation helped. Good luck with your prep!
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