Physics Question Pack Part 1

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Physics Question Pack Part 1

Post by ragtaguzoo » Sat May 23, 2020 3:41 pm

7. I didn't understand the graphs for harmonics. I understand that the dash lined is the third harmonic but how to do they interpret the graphs lines and see which one has a lower frequency, period, and wavelength?

9. How did they get the frequency of 200 Hz, is there a formula for harmonics that we know to double the frequency of figure 2a? How do we interpret the amplitude graph from the pressure graph? I'm having a hard time telling how to each graphs relates to the others. I don't see 8 harmonics on the pressure graph, is there something I'm not seeing?

11. How do we figure out these graphs and the fourth harmonic prediction? Is there a formula to predict the fourth harmonic?

12. How do we measure the periods on graphs? Do you have a diagram showing period calculation with the graphs?

19. Isn't gravity part of the equation of FB = pfluid Vsubmerged g? The gravity is different on the moon and earth, so wouldn't gravity be a factor? Wouldn't you just multiply it by volume submerged by 1/6 g? Also, would the % submerged formula or the Fg = G m1 x m2 / r^2?

21. Is alpha the angle of refraction?
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