Pysch Section Bank Part 1

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Pysch Section Bank Part 1

Post by ragtaguzoo » Mon May 25, 2020 1:35 am

1. What is shadowing? They don't really explain this in the passage?

2. What functions are apart of the left brain and right brain?

4. Doesn't Ans D support the negative correlation? If so why was choice C the correct answer?

5. Where does Ans A have support from the passage? I picked B because there was support from the passage?

8. Couldn't it be Ans A too? Because being low SES would eliminate unnecessary variables?

9. How do we know it is 85-115 because it says 82.6 and where does the 2/3 come from?
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Re: Pysch Section Bank Part 1

Post by NS_Tutor_Mathias » Wed May 27, 2020 5:17 pm

1. Simply repeating what you hear, without trying to process or filter in any way.

2. You are only expected to know about the contralaterality of most sensory and motor functions, the structure of the visual and auditory pathways and the localization of language areas to the left hemisphere. Other than that, there aren't any hemisphere-exclusive tasks to be concerned about.

4. The question is how ERROR RATES correlate to accident rates. A higher error rate predicts a higher accident rate and vice versa, therefore the correlation is a direct one.

5. Near the end of the final paragraph, it is stated that error rates on the phase 2 trial were inversely correlated with the rates of pilot training completion. The first paragraph states that finding good predictors of pilot training was the purpose of the study (first sentence).

8. No, doing so eliminates >one< variable that may act as a confound. Definitely not all. The stem makes no mention of "necessary" variables, whatever those are. The MCAT will always be literal. It will not conflate some with all.

9. Properties of a normal distribution.

(This is definitely content knowledge. Don't sweat if you still have to read about it, it's pretty minimal - you just want to memorize the first two SDs in either direction of the normal. And be very familiar with the idea of median, mean, mode etc.)
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