Non-Trad DPT to DO Application Improvement Question?

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Non-Trad DPT to DO Application Improvement Question?

Post by drsmithdpt » Thu Nov 21, 2019 5:32 pm

So I am a non-trad DPT who has been practicing as a home health therapist for a while now. I'm pursuing DO because I want to do more for my patients and it still allows me hands-on skills. I applied early before taking my MCAT and unfortunately didn't do as hot as I wanted so I am retaking it and studying with the Next Step Course. My app is on hold at a few schools - it hasn't been rejected- some are waiting for a committee review and some until the 2nd MCAT score comes in. Prior to the DPT I also earned an MPH and worked in clinical trials. I am also the current director of rehab for multiple counties for my home health agency so not really sure how much more I can improve my application at this point outside of MCAT.

But wanted to maybe get a second opinion.

My AACOMAS Stats are:

Licensed Physical Therapist

Clinical Hours 4000+

LORs from Director of Nursing, PCPs I work with, DO I shadowed, and Grad School Research Committee who I published and presented research with.

*My Undergrad GPA was really low because I lost both my parents when I was 19 and 20 so grades suffered as I had to pick up working full time to support myself. *

Baccalaureate Science 2.61
Post-Baccalaureate Science 3.83
Cumulative Undergraduate Science 2.98
Graduate Science 3.61
Overall Science 3.31

Baccalaureate Non-Science 3.06
Post-Baccalaureate Non-Science0.00
Cumulative Undergraduate 3.06
Graduate Non-Science 4.00
Overall Non-Science 3.12

So from 1070 credits lol
Overall - 3.26
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Re: Non-Trad DPT to DO Application Improvement Question?

Post by NS_Tutor_Mathias » Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:31 pm

Disclaimer: I cannot give fully qualified, completely profession advice on admissions. We do offer this as a service through Next Step for actual, professional advice. I on the other hand am just a guy, and my primary role is to answer questions about content, study-strategy and give advice related to the MCAT. So try not to ascribe to what I tell you any greater authority than is appropriate.

It honestly looks like you have all the soft requirements sorted out, except of course the ever-elusive "tell me about the not-doctor things you do". So your chances probably hinge on your ability to write persuasive essays and do well on the MCAT. My best guess is that admissions may have strong reservations if you are not hitting at least the matriculant mean, because while the MCAT ultimately cannot assess whether you would make a good physician, it can do a reasonable job of assessing whether the fundamental skillset of research-reading and problem-solving is present. An added concern may be that due to your background, slightly higher performance on the MCAT may be expected of you.

Overall though, your stats and background are very strong for a DO school, and I can't really foresee you having serious trouble getting in with even an MCAT score just slightly above the mean.
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