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ISO Study Buddy/Group DC/MARYLAND Jan 2020

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 11:09 am
by ssteel
Hey y'all! I am just getting started with my first round of MCAT prep for a January 2020 test date and I really want to just nail the test the first time (will definitely be a study-heavy semester coming up). I'd love to meet once a week or every other week in the Washington DC Area with someone/a group who is in the same boat with an early 2020 exam date. I am mainly focusing on Chem/Bio/Physics but I am happy to go over a breadth of all material. Alternately if you are great at Chem/Bio/Phys...I could definitely help out with Soc/Psych/CARS. feel free to respond on this platform, or my email is virtual meeting or in-person w/ coffee is preferred