NS FL 2 Bio/Biochem Q#31

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NS FL 2 Bio/Biochem Q#31

Post by natecrook95 » Thu May 16, 2019 4:10 pm

The question refers to figure 1 in the upper left-hand corner, and what type of gene this would be. I just am lost with this one, and I was lost when I took the practice test too. is it referring to the actual upper left-hand corner? Because if so..there aren't any "whole-genome microarray" dots up in that corner. If someone could help me clear this up I would be super grateful!
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Re: NS FL 2 Bio/Biochem Q#31

Post by NS_Tutor_Will » Sun May 19, 2019 8:39 am

Thanks for the question!

This one is asking what a gene in that region of the graph would represent, rather than asking us to identify if there are any there. The simplest way to approach it is to look at each axis independently. The x-axis shows us how much expression there is in older individuals. In the upper-left, this value would be minimized, which means this is a gene that would not be expressed in older individuals. The y-axis shows us how much expression there is in younger individuals. This value is high in the upper-left of the graph, which indicates that the gene is expressed quite a bit in younger individuals. Thus, this gene is expressed early in life, but not late in life. Since all eggs are produced early on in a female's like, it makes sense that a gene related to this process would show up in the upper left of the graph.

I hope this helps!
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