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Post by bbiebelberg » Fri May 22, 2020 2:29 pm

Hello! I have two questions from NS FL3 C/P section.

Question 18
I chose A because I learned to consider resonance when determining hybridization states, and if resonance is possible, to use the lowest hybridization state. I saw that the lone pair on the imine nitrogen could resonate up into a double bond, pushing the C=C double bond electrons onto the left carbon to form a carbanion. In this case the nitrogen would have two double bonds and a positive charge, giving it sp hybridization. Is this not the approach we should follow for the MCAT?

Question 59
RN II is very clear to me, but RN IV is not. Why will drag from the viscous medium necessarily cause the cell to decelerate to 0 m/s, as opposed to possibly slowing it down to some other, lower speed?

One more random question that isn't specific to C/P -- when looking at several cyclic carbohydrates linked together, how do you determine the type of linkage? (1->4, 1->6, etc.). My question, really, is how do you count the carbons on a cyclic carbohydrate -- how do you determine which part of the ring is numbered 1?

Thank you.
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