Biology Vol 2 Q pack Part 1

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Biology Vol 2 Q pack Part 1

Post by ragtaguzoo » Fri May 22, 2020 2:52 pm

1. Why did they say 5.5 uM for + end more than the - end?

2. Z line and I band are the only things affected by muscle contractions? Not the myosin of actin ( microtubules)? Just wanted to make sure my reasoning is valid.

8. I saw that the transcription inhibitor produced everything, but the translation inhibitor produced nothing, so I thought no proteins?

14. Isn't the GI tract, the abdominal cavity, so E coli would already be present there.

15. Why not Ans A (diarrhea)?

16. Isn't there more pressure, the deeper you go in water?

18. Is the cell membrane the same thing as the plasma membrane? Couldn't the answer be the cell wall, is it the plasma membrane (cell membrane) because it is the innermost structure?
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